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What are Local Area Plans?

Local area planning is a type of land use planning that is done in unincorporated communities for private land and Yukon Land. It can also include First Nation Settlement Land if it is done jointly with First Nations. Local area plans include policies and maps that designate different areas for different land uses and are developed with the help of a planning consultant and a Planning Steering Committee made up of residents from the area. For more information see Local Area Plan.

What are the benefits of Local Area Planning?

Planning helps to define a community's vision of the future and how it can move forward in that direction. A local area plan provides guidelines and policies to minimize land use conflicts and make sure that future development and growth occurs in line with community goals and within government and First Nation policies and legislation. It gives local residents the opportunity to determine their community’s future by participating in decisions on the use or non-use of land within the community.

Why are the Kwanlin Dün First Nation (KDFN) and the Government of Yukon planning Marsh Lake together?

The KDFN Self Government Agreement contains provisions that allow the Government of Yukon and KDFN to undertake joint planning on Settlement and Non Settlement Land. According to Section 11.1.1 of the Kwanlin Dün Final Agreement, the benefits of joint planning are to:

  • to encourage the development of a common Yukon land use planning process outside community boundaries;
  • to minimize actual or potential land use conflicts both within Settlement Land and Non-Settlement Land and between Settlement Land and Non-Settlement Land;
  • to recognize and promote the cultural values of Yukon Indian People;
  • to utilize the knowledge and experience of Yukon Indian People in order to achieve effective land use planning;
  • to recognize Yukon First Nations' responsibilities pursuant to Settlement Agreements for the use and management of Settlement Land
  • to ensure that social, cultural, economic and environmental policies are applied to the management, protection and use of land, water and resources in an integrated and coordinated manner so as to ensure Sustainable Development.

Who is part of the Steering Committee and how were the members chosen?

The Steering Committee includes six members. Three were nominated by the Government of Yukon, Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources and three by Kwanlin Dün First Nation, Chief and Council (see Section 30.3.0 of the Kwanlin Dün Self-Government Agreement). The members of the Marsh Lake Steering Committee are:

Malcolm Taggart (YG appointee)
Deborah Fulmer (YG appointee)
Georgia Greetham (YG appointee and Committee Chair)
Les Wilson (KDFN appointee)
Dave Sembsmoen (KDFN appointee)

The role of the Planning Steering Committee is to guide the planning process and assist the Government of Yukon and the KDFN in developing a draft local area plan for Marsh Lake through a public process. The Planning Steering Committee is required to forward a recommended local area plan to the Minister of Energy Mines and Resources and the Chief and Council of KDFN for review and approval. 

What is the role of the planning staff from the Government of Yukon and the KDFN?

Planning staff from the Government of Yukon and the KDFN participate as ex-officio members of the Steering Committee technical support. Although the plan is developed at a community level, it must also follow government and First Nation policies and regulations and accommodate broad public interests. Therefore, the planning staff from the two governments can assist the Planning Steering Committee with the planning efforts.  

How long will the Local Area Planning process take?

The Marsh Lake Local Area Planning process is expected to be completed by August of 2012.

How is the Local Area Plan approved?

The Steering Committee will submit a proposed plan to the Government of Yukon and Kwanlin Dün First Nation. Both governments will jointly review the plan’s recommendations and make reasonable attempts to reach consensus as to the approval or approval with variations of the Plan (see Section 30.4 of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation Self-Government Agreement).

What happens after the approval of the Draft Local Area Plan?

Once the plan is approved, new or revised Area Development (Zoning) Regulations will be established under the Area Development Act. These regulations are developed to effectively carry out the plan's policies on Settlement and Non Settlement Land. In the event that a Lands and Resources Act is developed by the KDFN, they will have the ability to establish their own zoning on Non Settlement Land. These zoning regulations will be jointly developed between Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Government of Yukon, Land Planning Branch (see Section 11.7.0 of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation Final Agreement). 

Who is funding the Local Area Plan?

The Local Area Planning process is funded through Government of Yukon with ongoing support from Kwanlin Dün First Nation (see Section of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation Self-Government Agreement).

Who will be involved in the process?

The development of the Local Area Plan requires the input of many individuals and organizations. The Planning process has been designed to give Marsh Lake residents, land owners, governments, businesses and interest groups an opportunity to participate in the development of the plan.

All stakeholders within the community and government can be involved in an open, honest, and cooperative discussion to result in a successful Local Area Plan. 

Consequently, a broad range of interests are brought into the process to ensure that the plan is inclusive of all stakeholders and community residents.

How can I get involved in the process?

Individuals and organizations can get involved in the planning process through meetings, workshops, interviews and surveys. In addition, there are opportunities to leave comments with Cambio Consultants, Government of Yukon, Kwanlin Dün First Nation and the Steering Committee. For more information see Upcoming Events.  

What if I could not attend a community workshop/meeting?

Following each community workshop and meeting, the Steering committee will post meeting notes/summaries on the Local Area Planning website. Further, all Marsh Lake residents and land owners will receive newsletters at critical stages throughout the planning process with updates on the planning process and information regarding upcoming events. For online versions see Publications.

What stage of the process are we at now?

Please see Phase 1 of the Planning Process.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Technical Advisors:

Dave Sembsmoen
Kwanlin Dün First Nation

Jerome McIntyre
Director, Land Planning
Land Planning Branch
Department of Energy Mines and Resources
Government of Yukon

Tomoko Hagio
Land Use Planner
Land Planning Branch
Department of Energy Mines and Resources
Government of Yukon