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What Does the Process Look Like?

The Marsh Lake Local Area Planning process is a 5 phase process. Throughout the process, community members are invited to the table to participate in the Marsh Lake Local Area Planning Process.

Phase 1

Phase 1: Outreach

We want to reach as many interested people as possible and let them know about the planning process. During this phase we will be getting the word out there, clarifying what the Marsh Lake Local Area planning process is and answering any questions.

Phase 2

Phase 2: Information Gathering

The Marsh Lake planning area has 5 different wards and a whole range of land uses, interests, issues and values. We want to hear from the diversity of people living in and interested in the area.

The information you provide will be compiled in reports and presented on maps. It will be used to get a clear picture of the Marsh Lake community and area.

Kitchen Table Meetings

Get together with friends and neighbours and follow our easy-to-use guide to discuss the land uses, values and interests within the Marsh Lake planning area that are important to you. These conversations can be held at a kitchen table, community hall, picnic table, meeting room, living room, around the campfire or any other place that works for you.

Cambio Consulting is able to provide support for up to 12 of these kitchen table meetings. Meetings will be one to 1.5 hours. The discussion guide will be available online from July 4th to the 29th. Kitchen Table Meeting results can submitted up to August 12th.

  • FAX to: 867 633-6038
  • SCAN the pages and EMAIL to:
  • Answer the document using the Word Document and EMAIL to:
  • DROP OFF at the Marsh Lake Community Centre, Kwanlin Dün First Nation Main Office or Government of Yukon’s Land Planning Branch, #300 Elijah Smith Building

Phone 667-3236 for more information or to request support for your kitchen table meeting.


The survey is open until August 12, 2011.

Field Trip

The Field Trip will be held on August 27. All interested people are invited to attend. We will start at the Lewes River Bridge and will end at the Marsh Lake Community Centre in Judas Creek.

The purpose of the field trip is identify important values and challenges throughout the area. We will travel through the Marsh Lake area noting down the places and land uses identified by Marsh Lake resident as values and challenges.

If you have a stop you’d like included on the Field Trip, please phone 667-3236 to tell us about it.

Phase 3

Phase 3: Visioning

We need you to help us understand what kind of future you want for the Marsh lake community and area. The outcomes of this phase include a vision statement, goals and guiding principles.

There will be opportunities to share your vision for the future future throughout the month of August and September at the Community Centre.

Watch for a Comment Box and Graffiti Wall at the Community Centre and at Kwanlin Dün on October 17th to add your comments.

We will be hosting a youth visioning event on November 5th. We will work with you to create a picture of the future that youth envision for Marsh Lake.

Phase 4

Phase 4: Analysis and Scenario Development

The Final Plan will designate what types of land uses should be taking place in different parts of the Marsh Lake planning area. During this phase we will be looking at all of the information that has been collected. Maps of the different values will be layered on top of each other to identify what types of land uses should or shouldn’t happen in certain parts of the planning area.

Scenarios will be developed where we cast into the future and imagine the impact of major population increases, changes in demographics, new technology or infrastructure, climate change and natural disasters (among others).

A workshop will be held during this phase to get your input on what the best options are for achieving the community vision for the future (considering the potential scenarios listed above).

This phase will be on going throughout winter 2011/2012.

Phase 5

Phase 5: Plan Writing and Approval

This is where the Marsh Lake Local Area Plan is drafted, reviewed and submitted for approval. A draft Plan will be presented to the public and posted on the website for community review and comments. Changes will be made based on public feedback and the plan will be submitted by the Steering Committee to Government of Yukon and Kwanlin Dün First Nation for approval.