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John Meikle / KDFN

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Sue Greetham

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John Meikle / KDFN

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John Meikle / KDFN

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Kim Hardy

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Bruce Barrett

Publications and Results

Click here to download this map (10.3 MB PDF)


June 2011 (2.37 MB PDF)
July 2011 (1.53 MB PDF)
Sept 2011 (2.29 MB PDF)
March 2012 (2.22 MB PDF)
October 2012 (719 KB PDF)

Notes from Community Workshops and Events

Field Trip Report (213 KB PDF)
Focus Tea with Kwanlin Dün Citizens: Nov 4 (96 KB PDF)
Visioning Workshop Minutes (88 KB PDF)
Focus Tea with Kwanlin Dün Elders: May 15 (296 KB PDF)
Land Use Ideas Workshop Summary (277 KB PDF)

Steering Committee Meeting Notes

July 14, 2011 Minutes (102 KB PDF)
Sept 9, 2011 Minutes (125 KB PDF)
Nov 10, 2011 Minutes (110 KB PDF)
April 13, 2012 Minutes (374 KB PDF)
June 19, 2012 Minutes (136 KB PDF)
Oct 1, 2012 Minutes (123 KB PDF)

Marsh Lake Reports & Documents

Brief Report on Launch (460 KB PDF)
Kitchen Table Meeting Discussion Guide (220 KB PDF)
Survey Results (1.8 MB PDF)
Kitchen Table Meeting Results (283 KB PDF)
Information Gathering Report (5.4 MB PDF)
Key Issues Forum Minutes (135 KB PDF)
Guiding Principles and Goals
(575 KB PDF)
*NEW* Land Use Designations & Policy Objectives (draft) (473 KB PDF)
Survey Summary (277 KB PDF)


Suitability Map Explanation (473 KB PDF)
*NEW* Draft Land Use Designation Map (2.73 MB PDF)
Agriculture Capability (3.7 MB PDF)
Culture Heritage
(7 MB PDF)
Current Land Use Greyling Creek
(2.4 MB PDF)
Current Land Use Judas Creek
(2.9 MB PDF)
Current Land Use McClintock (3.5 MB PDF)
Landforms (6.6 MB PDF)
Marsh Lake Planning Area (9.3 MB PDF)
Moisture Watersheds (8.3 MB PDF)
Natural Resource Development (5.2 MB PDF)
Suitability (4 MB PDF)
Unique Features (6.3 MB PDF)
Wildlife Values Caribou (9 MB PDF)
Wildlife Values Waterfowl (7.3 MB PDF)

Other Local Area Plans

Land Planning Branch has developed, in conjunction with local area residents,
Local Area Plans for the following areas.

Deep Creek (3.4 MB PDF)
Golden Horn (6.6 MB PDF)
Hot Springs (13.8 MB PDF)
Ibex (12 MB PDF)
Mount Lorne (8.7 MB PDF)


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